#83 When You Feel Like Your Plan to Retire is Screwed

If you’ve never listened to The Retirement Answer Man before, you’re in for a real treat today. Roger has a great show in store that includes an invitation for you to get your questions answered on the show. Really, your retirement or financial planning related questions are exactly what Roger wants to feature more in the show (just like he did in this episode, where he featured Robert’s question about facing retirement with little preparation.) If you’d like to pose your question, go to www.RogerWhitney.com/RetirementAnswers

The markets have been pretty crazy lately. Are you getting nervous, yet?

Roger’s jokingly called it “Correction Watch 2015,” meaning that everyone seems to be keeping a very close eye on the financial markets in the U.S. these days. Is it only a correction or is it a harbinger of something worse to come? Nobody knows, and the effect that uncertainty has on most people is to cause them to feel unsettled and afraid. What should you do? In this episode of The Retirement Answer Man, Roger gives some practical advice about how to handle volatile financial times, advising you how to become comfortable with your investing strategy in an uncertain world such as ours. It’s valuable advice.  Listen in as Roger gives Robert some personal advice, on this episode of The Retirement Answer Man.


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