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Investing in your best life and retirement just got a whole lot easier. 


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Invest in your Health: A GUIDE

The adage is true: health is wealth! Use these steps to improve your overall wellness and quality of life now and through retirement.

Invest in your relationships: A Guide

Strong relationships can have a huge impact on your physical health and mental well-being. Here's how to nurture new ones and keep the ones you have healthy.

Lifestyle Design Worksheet.jpeg

Lifestyle Design Worksheet

Time to roll up your sleeves! This worksheet is designed to help you collect and organize the information you need to develop your Retirement Lifestyle Plan.

Above resources featured in Chapter 5 of Rock Retirement. Get the book here.


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I hate to budget

Welcome to a spreadsheet-free way to manage your cashflow, save time, and save for retirement (and so many other things!).

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income impact

In retirement, income takes many forms. Use this worksheet to keep track of every single one.

Skill Development Worksheet.jpeg

skill development:
A Guide

Keep your skills fresh (and your mind challenged) with these tips on how to pivot your way to a rewarding retirement.

In Between.jpeg

master the in-between:

Ready to quit your job, but not necessarily stop working? Discover your options—and a whole new way to "pre-tire." 

Above resources featured in Chapter 5 of Rock Retirement. Get the book here.


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Build your net worth workbook

A simple way to track your financial progress, your net worth statement is a financial narrative of where you've been, where you are, and where you could go.

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finding a trusted advisor: Worksheet

Not all financial advisors are created equal. Use this worksheet for what to look for, what to ask, and what to do next.

Above resources featured in Chapter 7 of Rock Retirement. Get the book here.


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smart sprint worksheet

Learn how setting short-term goals to accomplish long-term objectives. It's like interval training for your financial health.

"Little Conversations" Checklist

Turn hard talks into good talks by approaching them as a team. From personal goals to net worth, these worksheets get everyone on the same page(s). 

Above resources featured in Chapter 5 of Rock Retirement. Get the book here.


Invest in Your Network

Discover Roger’s suggestions and some surprising resources for building a professional network.

Above resource featured in Chapter 6 of Rock Retirement. Get the book here.


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