It's time your present had a little talk to your future.

Plan with intention. Retire with purpose.


Find your best retirement with conversations—not equations. 

Traditional retirement wants us to believe that if we trust the market, invest hard, and save relentlessly that we’ll have everything we need when we stop working. But how do you know what you need?

Rocking retirement isn’t a calculation. It’s an extension of a happy life. Keep scrolling to find out how the Retirement Answer Man (and his not-so-alter ego, Roger Whitney) can show you how to add up what really counts. 


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Put your ideal retirement within reach.

From our award-winning podcast and the Roger That! YouTube channel to our hands-on Agile Retirement Management (TM)  process, you'll find resources to help you create a life and retirement strategy that gets you out of bed in the morning—and one day closer to making it all happen.

Roger Whitney, Certified Financial Planner®, CIMA®, CPWA®, AIF® and RMA®, is changing the way people plan for retirement by making it worth every penny.


If your retirement plan isn’t a page-turner, you’re reading the wrong book.

A voice of reason ... concerning the real issues of retirement: how to live in retirement without giving up living now.
— Susan F., Amazon Review
I am recommending this book not only to my brothers who are in their 50’s, but to my sons in their 20’s. The lessons here are for a lifetime of thoughtful, meaningful living and how finances play a role.
— Bryan, Amazon Review
Roger Whitney hits the nail on the head with Rock Retirement. This book is so on point about how we are going to be living longer and the traditional sense of retirement has been flipped on it’s head.
— Vincent P, Amazon Review
Excellent, thoughtful retirement book. He also focused on something not usually mentioned in most retirement books. - balancing the need to save for the future and with living a great life today.
— Kathleen, Amazon Review

Professional advice tailored to your specific retirement goals.

The Agile Retirement Management™ process helps you celebrate the life you have while navigating toward the retirement you want. No paint-by-numbers. No plug-and-play. We start with your dreams and goals, and together we create a financial strategy you can't wait to implement.

Don't just invest in your portfolio. Invest in your life.

The Retirement Answer Man Show.
Listen to the latest.

Roger is not only an expert in his field, but he understands the bigger picture of life. Listening to his show is like having a virtual coach or mentor who communicates in a language I can understand. This show is my true north when it comes to planning for the life I want to live.
— Michael, iTunes Review
Upbeat and lively - You won’t get bored listening to Roger! His energy is contagious and content is crucial. He makes complex choices easier to understand. I highly recommend this podcast.
— judycounselor, itunes review
On the Retirement Answer Man podcast, Roger Whitney provides specific information about topics important to anyone working toward financial independence, but always places that information within the context of the listener’s big-picture goals and dreams.
— Twistinmelon, itunes review
You’ll find what you need here and enjoy finding it.
— Wild B., iTunes Review
Roger has the unique ability to listen to people, break down core concepts and make them easy to undrestand as well as truly caring about helping every person he interacts with.
— Dwlaaker, Itunes Review
Great podcast - Wonderful source of information and inspiration.
— Phoebe911, itunes review
The Retirement Answer Man show makes me really think I can have a secure financial future without sacrificing my dreams for the next few decades.
— Jamie, iTunes review

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