You Are Enough

Lately I’ve worked too hard at trying to be my future self. Worked too hard at being the person I’m supposed to become. The discontentment that drives my efforts is robbing me of enjoying all that I have and am today. Don't misunderstand, I want to keep becoming my better self. I just don't want my striving to rob me of all that I am today. I think we all do this. I think it creates much of the unhappiness many of us feel.

Everyday I meet people, who don't feel like they're doing enough to save for the future. Regardless of their situation, they're not content. They discount the progress they've made and focus only on what they lack.

When you believe you’re supposed to be better than what you are, it’s easy to become discouraged…depressed. When you compare your now to your ideal you, you miss all that you are now.

No matter how hard you strive you’ll never be:

  • successful enough

  • certain enough

  • productive enough

  • financially secure enough

  • fulfilled enough

  • appreciated enough

  • liked enough

  • accepted enough

  • acknowledged enough

  • smart enough

  • saving enough

  • happy enough

  • close enough

  • forgiven enough

  • loved enough

  • content enough

You know what?    It's okay not to be enough.

Stop comparing yourself to your perfect self.

Know you are enough for today.