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#179 - A Simple Tool to Estimate Retirement Spending

Do you want to have a great retirement? Make sure you value the right things. It is possible to make a million dollars and feel poor, or to make $60K and live a rich and full life. On today’s episode, Jason Parker joins me to talk about how to calculate your retirement spending and make wise choices that will benefit you long-term in your retirement years. Listen in to learn about the new software tool that Jason has developed that helps with this process and to find out how you can get started on counting the cost of retirement.

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#88 - The 6 Biggest Expenses During Retirement

In this episode of the Retirement Answer Man, I want to walk through those expenses for a couple of reasons: 1) You need to have a clear picture of where you’re headed so you can be prepared when you get there. 2) Because in keeping with the theme of my show this month, WHEN you can retire could depend on whether you actually make those preparations or not and on the decisions you make about the expenses you’re going to have to support during retirement.

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