Help Me Create Retirement 2.0

Baby Boomers are Changing Retirement

Over the next 18 years, every day 8,000 baby boomers will turn age 65. That's almost 3 million baby boomers per year.  Just as baby boomers redefined politics, parenting and work, they are beginning to redefine retirement.

Retirement for baby boomers means:

  • Living longer
  • Discovering more
  • Spending more
  • Being healthier
  • Being more active
  • Being more mobile
  • Working more
  • Earning more
  • Serving more
  • Giving more
  • Wanting more

The problem is the retirement planning process most professionals use hasn't kept up with the way baby boomers are redefining retirement. Retirement planning is still focused on "income investing" and short-term "safety."  Important topics, but far from the biggest concern most baby boomers have in retirement.

Help Me Change Retirement Planning to Serve You

Next week, I am going to Washington (the state) for 4 days to focus on creating a better process to meet the retirement planning needs of baby boomers. This will be an intense endeavor and, with your help, we can transform retirement planning to better serve baby boomers.

My goals for this retreat are simple:

  1. Identify the core issues facing baby boomers in retirement (that's where you come in)
  2. Create Retirement 2.0, a better planning process to address the issues you face
  3. Outline the resources I can create to help you PLAN WELL and INVEST WISELY

Okay, maybe that's not so simple. BUT,  I don't doubt that, with your help, it will be a great start to a journey we can all benefit from.

 Here's What I Need From You

Share with me YOUR thoughts about retirement.


  1. are you worried about?
  2. are you excited about?
  3. is most confusing to you?
  4. is most surprising?
  5. have you found most helpful?
  6. have you found most harmful?
  7. do you picture as your ideal retirement?

Want to Help?

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Just share your thoughts in the form below. If you'd like to remain anonymous, just make up a name. Your genuine feedback is all I ask.

After I return, I'll share what was learned and the outline for a better retirement planning process for you.