Ready for a Full Cheetah Retirement?

Ever see a cheetah run at full speed?  It’s impressive, especially in slow motion. They’re not holding anything back. They’re not thinking Damn, I’ve missed so many times before; I can’t do this or I better save some energy for tomorrow or I can’t see ahead; I better slow down so I don’t stumble. Cheetahs don’t think like that when they’re running. They are in the moment, fully alert in responding to the situation (dare I say they are agile?).

Imagine a cheetah is a person approaching retirement. Do you think it worries about 20 years from now? Do you think it frets over the state of the world economy? Do you think it replays all its past mistakes?  NOPE. It lives full on and adjusts as life unfolds.

I get it. You’re not a cheetah. I don’t expect you to be. But there’s a lot to learn from the cheetah when it comes to living. Too often, I see people entering retirement while pulling back on life. They live in the past, fretting over what could have been, or they look too far into the future and fret about what could happen. 

When a cheetah is running, they are most fully a cheetah.  When you retire, will you be fully you…or a lesser version?

I choose a full cheetah life (and retirement).



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