INVEST in Your Health: The Financial Benefits of Living Healthy in Retirement [Podcast]

You can download the report for free by clicking here.

Investing in your health may be the best investment you can make to live well in retirement. The quality of your health can have major financial implications on your financial wellbeing in retirement in these three ways:

  1. Healthcare Costs - If you're unhealthy, high healthcare costs can blow a huge hole in your financial plan.

  2. Prevent Alzheimer's Disease - Good health can skew the odds of you getting Alzheimer's and having to pay the high cost of memory care facilities.

  3. Work After Retirement - Good health makes it possible for you to work after you retire. The additional income allows you to invest in your lifestyle, delay collecting your social security, or continue to pad your nest egg.

In this podcast, he also outline the six areas of your Wellness Wheel, highlighting two points in each area, and discuss the financial benefits of investing in them.  When you download the INVEST in Your Health: 72 Tips to Living a Healthier Retirement report, you'll get twelve tips for each of the six areas. 

  1. Physical - Nutrition and exercise are highlighted.

  2. Intellectual - Book clubs and the online brain game site Luminosity.

  3. Emotional - Practice gratitude and be intentional about your relationships.

  4. Social - Volunteer or join a club with others of like interest.

  5. Spiritual - Examine your purpose in life and practice forgiveness.

  6. Occupational - Decide what you're going to do in retirement and plan to stay engaged.

Investing in your health NOW can have multiple benefits in your financial life after retirement.

Download the free INVEST in Your Health: 72 Tips to Living a Healthier Retirement report here.

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