Episode #1 Creating an ICE Plan and 4 Reasons Why You Should Ignore Market Predictions [Podcast]


Welcome to PLAN WELL INVEST WISELY, the podcast dedicated to helping you make smarter financial decisions so you can live well today without sacrificing tomorrow.

Each of these 30-minute weekly podcasts will be posted on Tuesdays. All the episodes will have two separate segments:

1) PLAN WELL - This segment will include basic financial planning concepts to help you make smart financial decisions that are aligned with the things you care about most and the flexibility to adjust as your life unfolds. And

2) INVEST WISELY - This segment will show you how to grow your assets and work towards your objectives. Our INVEST WISELY process gives you the framework to make smart investment decisions that are aligned with your long-term objectives.

Episode #1's PLAN WELL segment covers creating an ICE Plan (in case of emergency plan). Here is a free worksheet to help you do that. You'll also learn more about secure password managers like 1Password.

Episode #1's INVEST WISELY segment covers four reasons why you should ignore extreme market predictions.

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