#85 -9 Books to Help You Live a Great Life AND Invest Smarter

Congratulations to YOU, the listeners of the Retirement Answer Man! Why are we congratulating you? Because you are the reason behind the recent honor Roger and the RAM show received at the FinCon Conference. Roger received the equivalent of an Emmy award for broadcasters in the Financial Services Industry - a Plutus Award. He couldn’t have done it without you, your great questions, and the great guests who have come on the show to tell their inspiring stories and share their expertise. Thank you for supporting the show!

What happens historically after markets take a big drop?

Back in August 2015 we saw 4 days straight where the S&P 500 was very, very low. But it seemed to bounce back. What typically happens to the markets after a series of down days like that, and what impact should it have on your investments and investment decisions? In this episode of The Retirement Answer Man Roger gives the stats on that phenomenon and his advice on how you should respond to the information.

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9 Books that have helped Roger invest and live with wisdom and confidence.

In the “Practical Planning” segment of today’s Retirement Answer Man show, Roger is talking about books. In particular, the 9 books that have most recently had an impact on how he lives and how he works. These 9 books range from financial and investing topics, to books on life, mindset, and how you arrange it all together. You’re sure to find something that is intriguing to you as you listen to this episode.

Can you work now to increase the amount of Social Security Benefits you’ll receive when you retire?

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The answer is yes! Social Security is calculated based on your highest earning 35 years in the workforce. What that means is that if you’re nearing retirement and would like to increase the amount of benefit you will receive after you retire, you can intentionally take on more work (in order to generate more income) so that you’ll have another higher-income year to add to the average. In this episode Roger gives his advice on how to go about making that decision, including how to have a conversation about it with your local Social Security Administration office.

STRETCH IRAs: How can you roll them into ROTH IRAs?

A listener asks Roger a question about how to maximize the advantages of us stretch IRA when rolling it into a ROTH IRA and as always, Roger has some great advice. There are a lot of particulars and exceptions in how to handle a situation like this, so make sure you listen to this episode and take some good notes so you’ll know exactly how to ask your investment adviser about doing the same thing should you need to.


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