#64 Rick's Journey to Retirement has Been Steady as It Goes

Despite what the media and some financial advisors tell us, preparing for retirement isn't about fancy strategies or the best investment. This week listener "Rick" shares his story of how he became a 401(k) millionaire by using a simple but powerful strategy. 


"Rick" was the first listener to share his story. Rick isn't his real name and in order to present you a better image of who he is, I asked him what his financial "spirit animal" was. After an awkward pause he replied tortoise and after hearing his story, I thought it was perfect!

As you listen to Rick's story, you may feel like I did...a little jealous.  Rick grew up with a sound financial basis from his parents. As you heard last week, I didn't. In fact, I think most of us didn't. If you're like me, don't worry. Regardless of where you are, you can begin a journey towards financial independence.

About "Rick"

  • Age 59

  • Has worked for the same company for 30 years

  • Married 30 years

  • Same House 30 years

  • 3 grown kids

  • Shares hobbies with spouse

What Does Retirement Means to You?  

“I found it a little bit frightening."

“I love my work…though I'm caught between the parts I like and the parts I don’t like.”

“I’ve always had a big lazy streak…work has so much structure and so many demands that it keeps me going.”

What Are You Most Excited About Retirement?

“The lack of stress!"

"That I’ll have time to do the things I like to do.”

What Are You Most Worried About Retirement?

“I think it would be health issues.”

“I’ve seen a lot of healthy people get hit with significant diseases out of the blue.”

“Nobody lives forever but I’d love to have 20-30 years of health left in my life.”

How Do You Think Your Doing?

“We probably have saved 20% of more of my pay since day 1.”

“Even in the early years when my income wasn’t anything special we saved.”

“We’re 401k millionaires now.”

“Money doesn’t come into our lives just so we can get as many toys as possible, it’s there to help people.”

“If you don’t save it, it doesn’t matter what your rate of return is, you’ll never have much.”

What Has Been Your Worst Financial Decision?

“I didn’t make many money mistakes because my parents were kinda Dave Ramsey people, long before Dave was born.”

"When we first got enough money to afford cars, we bought new cars.”

What has been the Hardest Thing to Deal with Personally in Managing Your Finances?

“I really don’t know an answer to this one.”

What Resources Have Had the Most Impact in Your Life?

What Do You Want to Be Remembered By?

“I think really all I really want is my kids to remember me a certain way, like I remember my parents.”

“Someone that is honest, generous and was a loving father.”

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