#55 How to Dream Big About Your Retirement with Bill and Sally

Too many people are being too reasonable when setting their retirement goals. STOP! When you start your planning for retirement it is critical that you think big. There's time enough later to be reasonable. Right now, focus on what your ideal life would look like....what would your life be if you could "have it all?"

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I know, thinking big about your future is much harder than it seems, especially when it comes to retirement. That's okay, I'll help you snap out of it.

Dream Up Your Ideal Retirement

In this first step of planning with Bill and Sally, I personally challenge you to suspend your reasonableness. Sit down with your spouse and a glass of your favorite beverage (for these talks, this is mine) and dream big.

Your Action Items for This Week:

(For those of you that signed up to plan along)

  1. Listen to this episode. You'll learn what their ideal retirement looks like and some of the issues they face.
  2. Review Bill & Sally's Ideal Retirement Summary. (If your not signed to receive it go here).
  3. Watch the short video. In it I give quick tips on how to think BIG about your retirement.
  4. Complete your own IDEAL retirement worksheet. Start off with your needs, dream a little and jot down some wants and then dream a lot more and add your wishes. DON'T BE REASONABLE, just put down needs, wants and wishes that would truly be meaningful to you.
  5. Ask questions. Having trouble dreaming big about your retirement?  Shoot me an e-mail. I’ll do my best to answer your question. Send me an e-mail or go here.

 Challenging Questions of the Week:

  1. How should Bill and Sally address their personality differences?
  2. How have you dealt with a similar issue?
  3. What other potential issues do you see in their ideal retirement?

Send me an e-mail or go here to give me your answers.

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