#106 - This Market SUCKS: What to Expect for the Rest of the Year


I am so thankful, yes THANKFUL that you have decided to take the time to join me for another episode of the Retirement Answer Man. This show is a labor of love to me and I can’t express how wonderful it is for me to know that you’re finding value in what I’m sharing. On this episode we’re going to chat a bit about the markets. Man, they’re really stinky right now. But what does that really mean? While we can’t predict the future, there IS something we can do to help us get our bearings in such terrible markets, and I’m going to share that, some listener questions, and some thoughts about being happy in retirement, on this episode of the Retirement Answer Man.

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Inflation is a buzzword we hear all the time, but do you know how it impacts you?

It seems that ever since the 1970s the word “inflation” has been added to everyone’s vocabulary. The first thing we think of when we hear it is increases in the price of goods we purchase. But there’s more to inflation than just that, and on this episode of the Retirement Answer Man I’m going to walk you through what you should be thinking about when it comes to the issue of inflation and how you can better address your particular situation in light of it.

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What do you think, is the stock market going to stay this bad all year?

The 2016 stock market has started out with a very loud “THUD.” It’s terrible, the worst returns we’ve seen in years. The financial analysts and talking heads on the news channels are talking the possibilities of a bunch of doom and gloom for the rest of the year as a result. But does a bad start like this necessarily mean that we’re going to have a terrible year in the markets? On this episode I’m going to look at some historical data about situations just like this to help you get out of the emotional response and into a data driven way of thinking about it. I think this will be very helpful.

What kind of person do you want to be in retirement?

You know, retirement has more to do than being off work and playing on the beach or at the golf course. It’s really about quality of life and one of the main things you need to consider when you think about that is the kind of person you are. This week I noticed some older pictures on my Facebook wall and it reminded me of some of the adventurous things I’ve done in years past. It got me thinking about the future and the person I want to be when I get there. I think this edition of my happy segment will give you a bit of inspiration for your retirement years, so be sure to listen.

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  • [0:24] Roger’s welcome to this episode of the podcast.
  • [0:58] Can you share the show with someone?
  • [1:34] Sign up for the “Six Shot Saturday” email.


  • [3:27] What does “inflation” actually mean?
  • [4:20] How inflation is tied to the Consumer Price Index.
  • [6:07] The things the CPI impacts.


  • [7:36] Is the stock market going to stay this stinky?
  • [9:20] The predictions the financial media is making.
  • [9:43] What history shows us about years like this.
  • [10:53] Roger’s calculations compared to history.
  • [12:52] Roger’s download you can get through the Six Shot Saturday list.


  • [13:43] QUESTION: Does inflation have less impact on retirees?
  • [18:51] QUESTION: How to handle the stresses of the market.


  • [23:23] Facebook, memories, and happiness.
  • [24:50] The power of keeping focused on who you want to be in years to come.


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