My Story

Growing up, my mother was always worried about the future.

She lived her life saving more, sacrificing more, and settling for less —all with the hope that one day she would have the financial and time freedom to spend it all on the family and activities she loved.

Mom passed away at the age of 48.

It's tragic, and not just because my mom was an amazing human (she was). It's sad because I see this kind of thing happen a lot. How many of us will spend most of our present saving for a future we never get to have?

The answer will always be too many. And I've dedicated my entire career to helping people shift what's possible in retirement by changing how they live, work, and celebrate what's possible right now—and keep doing it.

Why I love what I do

I love what happens when people shift their mindset from investing in a portfolio to investing in what they love.

So much of retirement is a guessing game, but that doesn’t mean no one knows what’s going on. There’s definitely a place for a historical data, equations, algorithms, and spreadsheets—as long as they support your life and goals, and not the other way around. 

The best retirement strategies are grounded in what’s important in your life right now and in the future. They take into consideration if you want to launch a new career in retirement, if you want to sell your house and travel the world, and if the job that's filling your 401k is draining the life out of you. When done well, financial planning isn’t boring or constricting; it’s one of the best tools for building your best life.

It’s what I call Agile Retirement Management. And it changes everything.

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How the the podcast began

The Retirement Answer Man Show was born out of years of experience, a deep need to help people, and creative restlessness. Every episode takes difficult (or boring) financial conversations, concepts, and strategies and makes them more approachable. And occasionally more humorous.

Roger’s view towards life and retirement is refreshing. His mantra of planning for retirement while enjoying life today really hits home. His teaching style and delivery makes you feel like he is sitting in your living room telling you a story. His ability to take complex investment topics and break them down for easy learning is a testament to his commitment to his listeners.
— Nick, iTunes Review
I discovered this podcast a month or two ago, and I am binging on it. I listen on my commute and when I go for walks. I will sometimes listen to 2 or 3 in a day. I love that it has very concrete, practical tips as well as topics that really make you THINK about what is important to you. It is incredibly well done, and I highly recommend it.
— Sue, iTunes Review


Like family, friends, air, love—and helpful financial resources.

I’ve created a huge catalog of worksheets, templates, and guides as tools for helping you build a life and retirement you can’t wait to have. They will support your conversations with your spouse and your financial planner (even if you don’t work with me), your day-to-day decision-making, your short-term financial goals, and your big picture dreams. And they are all FREE. 

Invest your time with these resources so you can invest your money where it matters.


No More Random Acts of Retirement, Please.

Open the door to your best life and your strongest retirement.

Planning for retirement is just as much about intentional saving as it is about intentional living. When it comes time, you'll happily turn in your keys because all the doors you want to open are already unlocked. 


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