The Retiree Next Door Twitter Jam: November 18th, 1 pm CST

Get practical retirement tips from 25 of the top names in personal finance. I'll be joining Robert Kiyosaki, New York Times #1 best-selling author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad, and two dozen CFPs, CPAs, wealth managers and personal finance bloggers. This Tuesday the folks at Money Tips will be hosting a Twitter Jam to discuss retirement and answer your questions. This should be a blast so bring your retirement saving, planning and investment questions.

Questions we'll be discussing include:

  • What's the hardest part about planning for retirement?
  • How do you determine how much you need to save for retirement?  Is $1 million enough?
  • What's the best advice you've heard/given about retirement planning?
  • What are the most common mistakes you see when people plan for retirement?
  • How do you find extra money in your budget to save retirement, without drastically changing your lifestyle?
  • MoneyTips’ retirement survey showed that investing early has a big impact. What retirement planning advice you have for #millennials?

The social jam takes place November 18th, 1-3 pm CST

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