Investing in My Health for Today and For Retirement

Two weeks ago, I posted here that I was starting the Whole Life Challenge. So far, it's been a great journey. I'm committed to investing in my health so I can do all that I can to be active during retirement. Here's my progress so far.

Nutrition (71 out of 75 points)

The nutritional aspect of the Whole Life Challenge has been, well, the most challenging. Giving up cheese, breads, deli meats, crackers, pasta, sugar (of all kinds), and beer is hard. Quickly you realize almost EVERYTHING has sugar in it. Planning your meals and keeping healthy snacks around are key.

It took a few days but I've adapted well to the new eating habits. In fact, just today, my wife and I went to the movies and I didn't touch (honest) her diet coke and popcorn....wasn't event tempted.  Each day you have 5 nutritional points and out of a possible 75 I have a score of 71. My weakness? Red wine on the weekends.

Workout (26 out of 30)

This has been a mixed bag. It's been a mix of Cross Fit, swimming and walking. I'm new to Cross Fit and it's HARD. My new friends at CrossFit Fervor in Mansfield have been great. Everyone goes out of their way to introduce themselves and really make an effort to support each other as we each stretch to improve.

Last week, during a business trip to Abilene, I even stopped at the mall to walk between meetings. Just me and the mall walkers hammering it out while it poured rain outside.

Mobilize (30 out of 30)

I've always stretched. As we grow older, it's one of the best things we can do. Beyond regular stretching, try a roller and experience pain/relieve as you stretch out your muscles.

Supplement (14 out of 15)

Missed the first day but have been consistent since. I'm taking a probiotic pill. Probiotics are supposed to help your digestion by promoting healthy bacteria in your digestive system. Cool, huh? I've vacationed with a friend who is researching probiotics at the University of Michigan. Here's his book. He's a super smart guy.

Water (15 out of 15)

I drink water and iced tea constantly. Since the challenge started, I've kicked my soda habit. My vice was Diet Coke. Don't miss it a bit and my stomach is happier.

Lifestyle (15 out of 15)

Each week, there is a different lifestyle challenge to focus on. Week 1 was eating vegetables with every meal. Week 2 was supporting the other players with positive motivation. This week we're focusing on practicing a hobby every day. Mine is writing.

Reflection (15 out of 15)

Each day, we're encouraged to reflect on our journey to building healthier habits. In fact, you can't record your daily score without entering some thoughts.

How Am I Feeling?

In a word, awesome. I'm enjoying the structure and camaraderie as surrounding the game. I feel more clear headed and energetic than I have in quite awhile. Most of all, I'm enjoying being more intentional about how I live each day.