Preparing to Sell Your Business

Preparing to Sell Your Business
Preparing to Sell Your Business

For many of our clients at WWK Wealth Advisors, an integral part of their retirement plan includes the sale of their business. Today, there are far more buyers than sellers looking for quality businesses. In my video interview with Layne Kasper of Kasper & Associates (K&A), he outlines four simple preparatory steps to take before you sell your business.

  1. Delegate authority. A business that can run smoothly without you can be more attractive to a buyer and worth more.
  2. Make it look good from the outside. Similar to preparing a home for sale, update, organize and freshen up.
  3. Have clean financials. Reviewed and clean financials will add to the credibility of your business.
  4. Hire representation early. A good firm will identify key issues you need to address before going to market, and they will work efficiently to create interest from multiple buyers.

Taking these steps to increase the value of your business is one more way you can protect your total retirement investment.

Preparing to Sell Your Business:

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About Kasper & Associates:K&A was founded in 1984 to fill a void in the merger and acquisition field which was particularly acute in the Fort Worth/Dallas metropolitan area, as well as in North and Central Texas.  Their function is to sell medium-sized, privately-owned manufacturing, distribution and service businesses, and to assist potential buyers in finding and acquiring such businesses.