4 Reasons I'm Rethinking Amazon Prime

4 Reason I'm Rethinking Amazon Prime
4 Reason I'm Rethinking Amazon Prime

Okay, I have a confession to make. I love Amazon Prime. Everything about it. The selection, prices, reviews, two-day shipping, one-click purchasing, upgrades to overnight for such a small fee. It’s awesome. Today’s announcement that Amazon Prime will now cost $99.00 annually has me considering not renewing the service. Oh, it’s not the cost of the service. Amazon Prime is a great bargain, even at $99.00 a year. My issues with Amazon Prime are more about me. Amazon Prime helps me overspend in these ways.

  1. It’s too easy. There’s a reason the important buttons in plane cockpits have a cover over them. It’s to avoid inadvertently hitting them. Amazon Prime’s one click purchase takes much of the thought out of the purchase decision. It is easy to think of times when I was watching television, talking to my wife, eating a cracker, and spending money on Amazon Prime. I’m not proud of it, but it’s true.
  2. Amazon Prime is too good at tempting me. Amazon has the cross sell down to a science. I recall buying a camera (at a great price, delivered next day) and being upsold all the items I might need to go with my camera. A bag. A memory card. Lens cleaner (of course I need that!). By the time I completed my purchase, I had spent $100.00 more than I intended.
  3. I’m weak. This is the crux of why I am thinking of canceling Amazon Prime. I love gadgets. I’m a sucker for them. Amazon Prime is my dealer, and I am virtually powerless to resist. [Hi, my name is Roger. I'm an Amazon Primer.] The only solution may be to remove myself from the temptation.
  4. It’s a family affair. Since all the devices in our home are connected to Amazon Prime, my wife, son, and daughter face the same issues I do. The temptation of SEE, WANT, CLICK is always there. It teaches us to consume more without thinking. And that’s bad.

My stated mission for this blog is to: Help People Make Smarter Financial Decisions. In truth, it is to help me do so as well. Just like you, I want to live well today, without sacrificing tomorrow. Canceling Amazon Prime may be a big step in making smarter financial decisions.

QUESTION:  Does Amazon Prime make you spend more money?