#87 – 4 Myths That Could Ruin Your Retirement and How to Avoid Them

If you’re in your 40s or 50s you’ve probably started to wonder when you can retire and what your retirement lifestyle might look like.  You’re ready to be free from the set schedule of work and have more control over how you send your days. You’re ready to spend more time with your family and […]

4 Myths FB Ad Hands

#86 -You Are Enough For Today

How to Keep a Long-Term Perspective in a Volatile Market

This episode of the Retirement Answer man is filled with some debt-crunching, retirement building, volatile market enduring advice to help you put your financial life in order. The feature segment of the show features the story of Jamie and Ruth, a couple who paid off over $83,000 in debt in just over 30 months. 30 […]

Stop Stressing About Retirement

#85 -9 Books to Help You Live a Great Life AND Invest Smarter

Plus Listener Questions on Social Security and ROTH IRAs

Congratulations to YOU, the listeners of the Retirement Answer Man! Why are we congratulating you? Because you are the reason behind the recent honor Roger and the RAM show received at the FinCon Conference. Roger received the equivalent of an Emmy award for broadcasters in the Financial Services Industry – a Plutus Award. He couldn’t […]

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#84 Learn How to Career Pivot to a More Independent Life During Retirement

a Conversation with Marc Miller from Careerpivot.com

In today’s podcast, Roger hosts a terrific conversation with Marc Miller. Marc is a veteran of the corporate world, having worked for IBM for many years. He’s made what he calls a “pivot” in his career journey by exiting the corporate world and starting up his own consulting and coaching business to help others pivot […]

You Are Enough

Lately I’ve worked too hard at trying to be my future self. Worked too hard at being the person I’m supposed to become. The discontentment that drives my efforts is robbing me of enjoying all that I have and am today. Don’t misunderstand, I want to keep becoming my better self. I just don’t want […]


#83 When You Feel Like Your Plan to Retire is Screwed

Here’s how to start fixing your retirement plan

If you’ve never listened to The Retirement Answer Man before, you’re in for a real treat today. Roger has a great show in store that includes an invitation for you to get your questions answered on the show. Really, your retirement or financial planning related questions are exactly what Roger wants to feature more in […]

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Please Take My 2015 Listener Survey

Help Me Help You Create a Great Retirement

I need your help to ensure I do the best possible job answering your most important retirement questions. Please share your input and complete my 2015 listener survey. YOU drive the show. Your feedback will help all of us or towards the retirement we want. It’s only 10 questions and the results are anonymous.

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#82 Don’t Let Bad Markets Change a Good Plan

If you have a sound investment plan STAY!!!

One of the most tempting but dangerous things investors (and investment advisors) do is to change investment strategies in light of what current markets are doing. Don’t misunderstand, it’s always wise to make adjustments when needed, but not to your overall strategy or plan. You put together that strategy to accomplish certain goals within certain […]

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It’s been a crazy week in the investing markets. It can be scary when you see the value of your accounts go down, especially if you’re in or near retirement. It’s okay to be scared. Just don’t let your fear allow you to be caught up in the reactionary nature of crowds.

You are unique. Your situation is unique. Your goals for retirement are uniquely yours.

Chart your own course to work to achieve the things you care about most.

#81 How to Find a Good Charity in Your Community

A talk with Nancy Jones from the Community Foundation of North Texas

Today’s episode of The Retirement Answer Man debuts a brand new format that will help you make even more of your retirement and financial planning. From here on out all episodes of RAM will be consist of 3 segments – The Hot Topic, where Roger addresses current issues on the financial horizon – The Practical […]