#105 – Why You Should Ignore All Market Predictions

Plus Sign Up for 6-Shot Saturday

Welcome once again to The Retirement Answer Man show. I’m Roger Whitney, AKA the Retirement Answer Man. This episode of the show is one where I really get to live up to that name, because I’m answering two very practical listener questions covering how to figure out your “risk tolerance” in light of the different […]

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#104 – Is tax deferral really the best way to save for retirement?

Plus Negative Interest Rates Explained

Welcome back to the Retirement Answer Man… my name is Roger Whitney and I am a certified financial planner and your host of every episode of the show. This show is all about you – your retirement, your future, and your life. I want to help you think about your finances and retirement planning in […]

#102 – Want to Retire? Stop Watching the Markets, Watch This

Worried about the Markets? Do This Now

Hey there, welcome back to another episode of The Retirement Answer Man. I’m Roger Whitney – THE Retirement Answer Man – and in case this is the first time you’ve ever wandered over to my show, welcome! I’m so glad you’re here. You’ve jumped right into the middle of my “Retirement Plan Live” series, where […]

Stop Watching the Market

#101 – How to Dream Up Your Ideal Retirement

Retirement Plan Live, is LIVE!

It’s here! You know you’ve been waiting for it and now I’m able to bring it to you… this year’s installment of Retirement Plan Live! This is YOUR opportunity to hear me walk through a real life, honest to goodness retirement plan with a very real couple – Linda and James. Today we’re going to […]

#100 – How to Become a Super Saver in 2016

Why You May Pay More in Interest in 2016

Happy 2016 to all of you retirement interested folks out there, this is Roger Whitney, and in these parts I’m known as The Retirement Answer Man. I do a podcast each week to help you think about, plan for, and maximize your retirement years so that you can enjoy life, live to the fullest, and […]

Super Saver

#99 – Five Reasons to be Thankful Interest Rates are Going Up

Welcome, welcome, welcome – to another episode of The Retirement Answer Man. My name is Roger Whitney and I am your host, companion, and guide to this episode, where we are going to navigate the farthest reaches of retirement theory and financial planning to help YOU create the retirement and future of your dreams. (Wow, […]

Happy Interest Rates are going Up

#98 – Is Your Asset Allocation for Retirement All Wrong?

A Conversation with Michael Kitces

One hundred minus your age in equities. This is is the rule of thumb for asset allocation during retirement we’ve all heard. This best practice may not be best after all. Recent research, however, questions this logic. If your goal is achieving life goals, It may be better to INCREASE your equity exposure as you age. In […]

Wrong Asset Allocation

#97 – How to Take Your Wealth Building to the Next Level with Todd Tresidder

Plus High Yield Bonds Explained

Good day to you once again and welcome to this show notes page for the Retirement Answer Man podcast. I’m Roger Whitney, your host… and I’ve once again been blessed to put together a great episode of practical information for you to help you get underway on the retirement journey. On this episode there’s lots […]

Episode 97

#96 – How to Evaluate When to Take Your Pension

Plus: Learn How Reality Programing is coming to Retirement Planning

Hello, it’s Roger again, and welcome, welcome, WELCOME to this episode of the Retirement Answer Man. I’m so happy you’ve joined me! In this edition we’re going to talk about lots of great things that you can learn to help you understand and navigate the time of life we call “retirement” and I’m going to […]

Episode 96