Stop Watching the Market and Create a Great Life [Podcast]

Stop watching the market and comparing your investment performance to some benchmark. Everyone does it (even most advisors) but does it really  help you create a great life??? Of course it doesn’t. So stop. Stop worrying about “keeping up with the market” and get down to the important work of creating a great life. INVEST […]

Great Life

7 Super Simple Tasks to Complete Before You Rock in the New Year [Podcast]

Yeah, there are lots of articles this time of year talking about year-end tasks to complete, but mine are Super Simple ones. Okay…maybe it’s just my way of trying to sound different. Still, these ARE 7 relatively simple tasks that could make a big difference in your financial life (so indulge me). Invest Wisely –  […]

Rock in the New Year

Are You Sick of Being Told You Better Plan for Retirement?

Today someone said to me, “There’s no way I can save enough to retire. How should I manage my finances to so I can live well today and still plan for tomorrow?”  Awesome question!!! I think most people feel this way. They read what “experts” say they’ll need for retirement and realize, it’s a crap […]

Close up of man expressing extreme distaste

3 Habits to Help You Make Smart Money Choices [Podcast]

You’d think that with all the great information and tools available today that making smart money choices would be easy. The fact is, it’s harder than ever before. We live in a world designed to get us to “buy now” or “avoid that.” These messages are designed by savvy marketers to get us to take […]

Stand There

The Gift I’m Giving for Christmas This Year:

I hope you all had an enjoyable Thanksgiving with your loved ones. Christmas giving has always been hard for me. Don’t get me wrong, I love to give gifts. I think it’s the pressure of Christmas giving nowadays. It has become a simple exchange of goods; a transaction forced upon us by the constant avalanche […]

How to Ride the Rapid Towards Retirement [Podcast]

Working towards retirement can feel like rafting a river full of dangerous rapids. As you flow down the river of your life, you’re constantly having to navigate events that threaten to turn your life upside down. Unemployment, death, divorce, college costs, healthcare, recessions, corrections, inflation and countless others can put you on the rocks. This week […]

Self Rescue Retirement

The Retiree Next Door Twitter Jam: November 18th, 1 pm CST

Get practical retirement tips from 25 of the top names in personal finance. I’ll be joining Robert Kiyosaki, New York Times #1 best-selling author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad, and two dozen CFPs, CPAs, wealth managers and personal finance bloggers. This Tuesday the folks at Money Tips will be hosting a Twitter Jam to discuss […]


#39 7 Investing Lies We Tell Ourselves and How to Avoid Them

If you’re working towards retirement you know that investing wisely is a key part of reaching your goals. The problem is investing means putting your money at risk. That’s stressful. As a result, many of us tell ourselves lies or believe “trues” that can be dangerous to our financial future. In this episode, I’ll discuss […]