#36 7 Steps to Help Fight Through a Market Correction [Podcast]

You don’t like to lose money. Nobody does. That’s one reason it is so hard to stick to a long-term investment plan when we feel like we’re getting punched in the face by the markets. Just like a boxer, it’s natural to want step back and protect ourselves. This natural reaction, however, has caused most investors […]

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#35 4 Benefits of Forest Fires and Market Corrections [Podcast]

It’s natural to fear a market correction. Losing money (even if on paper) sucks. News reports act as if market corrections are bad.  That’s not true. The economy and the markets don’t function well without corrections.   Just as there are benefits to a forest fire, a market correction is an essential element of a […]

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Retiring to a Different State [Worksheet]

Are you thinking of retiring to a different state? My wife and I talk about.  I’ve heard Franklin, Tennessee is amazing, but my wife wants nothing to do with winter. If your family is considering retiring to a different state, there are some important planning items to consider. To help you, I’ve added a new […]

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#34 Healthcare Options Before Age 65 [Podcast]

Medicare eligibility starts at at 65. If you’re blessed to be able leave your career earlier, you’ll need to evaluate your healthcare options until then. This week I talk with health insurance guru, Misty Kimbrough, about your healthcare options before age 65. Invest Wisely:  3 things you can do to ignore the voices in your […]


How Do I Choose Long Term Care Insurance? [Worksheet]

“How do I choose long term care insurance?” is question many baby boomers are wondering as they near retirement. It ain’t easy. Insurance is complicated and getting the right long term care insurance (not too cheap, not too expensive) can be hard to do. Before you pose this question to an insurance agent or financial […]

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#33 5 Steps to a Healthier Life [Podcast]

Not living a healthier life can be costly as you age. USA Today recently reported that the top retirement concern for people over age 50 is healthcare costs. In fact growing older and being unhealthy can be financially disastrous. It just makes sense, to take a proactive approach to investing in your health. INVEST WISELY: 5 […]

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How much retirement income is enough?

In this video, Dimensional’s Vice President of Research Marlena Lee, PhD, explains that the answer should be customized based on each individual’s lifestyle and income prior to retirement.

Okay, that sounds a little obvious, but give it a view. She’s done a lot of research on what percentage of pre-retirement income is needed to maintain your lifestyle during retirement.

If you’d like a copy of the full research report, sign up for the Retirement Answer Library. It’s in there, along with other valuable resources.


How Will Markets Respond to the Next Crisis?

What will be the next crisis to shock the markets?   Syria?  ISIL?  Terrorist attack?  Inflation?  HYPER inflation???? How are you supposed to invest wisely for retirement with the world in such a mess? The reaction of many is to just wait. Wait until things in the world calm down. The problem is things never calm […]

#32 Career Pivot: How to Change Careers When You’re in Your 50s

Are you in a career that matches your God given talents? Most of us are in careers that we were trained to do. Not careers that centered on our talents.  After college, we start work and our careers generally progress on their own without much intentional direction from us. If you’re in your 50s and […]

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