Retirement Planning Scary Stories

Prepared to learn from these very frightening retirement planning stories     There are some great retirement planning lessons to be learned from these stories: Money Sucking Kids From the Black Lagoon Dawn of the Dead:  Missing the Only Life You Have Silence of the Marriage:  The Dangers of Not Communicating Chucky the Portfolio Eater: […]

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In this video, Dimensional’s Massi De Santis, PhD. outlines the results of their research on how someone determines how much to save for retirement.

“How much should I save for retirement? Most people ask themselves this question at some point in their working life (hopefully, relatively early). With the continued shift toward defined contribution plans, future retirees are being asked to take on more responsibility for their retirement outcomes than in the past. So the question is of vital importance.

We have found that what works is a tailored solution that incorporates characteristics of each household.”

Sorry. There is no one size fits all answer. You are unique and so is the solution that will work for you.

Still, this is great research to help you Plan Well and Invest Wisely.

The full report is free. It’s under the LIVE tab in the Retirement Answer Library.

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Forest Fires market correction

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Retire to a different state

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Not living a healthier life can be costly as you age. USA Today recently reported that the top retirement concern for people over age 50 is healthcare costs. In fact growing older and being unhealthy can be financially disastrous. It just makes sense, to take a proactive approach to investing in your health. INVEST WISELY: 5 […]

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