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What You’ll Learn

Rock Retirement offers inspirational advice on how to enjoy the journey to retirement—and beyond.

Traditional retirement advice usually boils down to saving more, sacrificing more, and settling for less. This approach makes people dependent on systems outside their control, such as the market, the economy, and investment returns.

Which is unfortunate.

Rock Retirement uses a holistic approach (plus humor and real-life situations) to empower people to act intentionally towards the life they want. It addresses the fears, hopes, and dreams people have about retirement, goes way beyond the numbers, and shows them how to live well today without sacrificing tomorrow.



Praise for Rock Retirement


Andrew Scott

Professor of Economics at London Business School
and Coauthor of The 100-Year Life

“Too many books think retirement is just about finances. Instead, retirement is about looking at life in full and working out what it is you want to do and then turning to finances to make it happen. That’s exactly the focus of this practical and helpful guide by Roger Whitney that will help you Rock Retirement.”


Dan Miller

Author of 48 Days to the Work You Love

“We live in a culture obsessed with ‘retirement,’ that magical time when we can leave work behind and do what we really want to do.” And yet I observe time and time again that people focus only on what they’re moving from-with little thought for what they’re moving to. Rock Retirement is a guide for planning that rich season of life, based not just on money, but also on how to create meaningful relationships, memories, and legacy.”


Michael Kitces

Financial Planner, Author of Nerd's Eye View Blog

“The mathematics of retirement is relatively simple. But figuring out how to actually enjoy your retirement is anything but. Roger Whitney does an excellent job helping prospective retirees to go beyond the ‘simple math’ and figure out what a meaningful retirement really means!”


Jevonnah "Lady J" Ellison

Author of Love Letters for Leading Ladies

“If you’re dreaming of retirement free of worry, chaos and confusion, Rock Retirement will give you the clarity, a solid plan and fresh inspiration to help you get where you want to go.”

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What Readers Are Saying

“Roger writes about retirement in a novel way. He looks that the whole person: their health, happiness, goals, dreams and ambitions in addition to financial advice. I have a number read books and articles about retirement and I must say that Roger’s perspective is both unique and sorely needed. I liked the summaries at the end of each chapter, the checklists and suggested time frames for doing personal and financial checkups. No cookie cutter approach for Roger. Lots of common sense about having a personally fulfilling and financially agile retirement. You need to read this book.”
“Roger does a fantastic job of breaking down retirement in a fun and informative way. Too many books get lost in the details, that they don’t encourage a big picture look. Love how Roger ties everything together!”
— Laura (Amazon Review)
“Downloaded over the weekend, could not put it down, cant wait to get home tonight to dig back in. Love Roger’s approach to life & retirement.”
— Kindle Customer
“Whether 25 years old or on the cusp of retirement, you will find this book inspiring, thought provoking and worthwhile. His blueprint for retirement success is focus less on the numbers game and more on the holistic side of life after a career. After all, we know that money alone does not assure happiness. I highly recommend this book for anyone interested in a fresh view of retirement planning.”
— T. Swanson (Amazon Review)


About Roger Whitney

“If you live your best life now, you never have to retire from it. You simply stop working one day, and do more of what you love.”

Roger has over 27 years experience walking life with clients into and through retirement.

What does he care about most?

Making the most of life by living it on purpose as a great husband, father, and mountain biker.