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#160 - Certainty Is Absurd: How To Deal With Uncertainty.

The only thing that is certain in life is uncertainty. No matter how hard we try to plan for the future we can never be 100% certain things will turn out the way we’ve hoped. If you follow the guidelines I lay out in this episode, you can feel confident in your future retirement and your ability to cope with the changes ahead.

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#30 How to Invest in Your Marriage with Jackie Bledsoe [podcast]

In my 23 years of marriage, there were times my wife and I drifted apart. It's easy to do. Work, kids, hobbies, etc. just make life hectic at times. We eventually learned to be intentional about nurturing our marriage. Jackie Bledsoe has had the same experience. In this episode, we discuss how to best invest in your marriage.

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#2: How to Use Your Net Worth Statement to Manage Your Financial Life [Podcast]

Do you struggle to make financial decisions because you can't get a handle on all the complexities of your life?  In this episode's PLAN WELL segment, I show you how to use a net worth statement to make more informed financial decisions.

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