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#190 - How much you should have saved for retirement by now

Comparison is important to keep us on track with our goals but when we put all of our focus on our performance v.s. someone else's performance...we often become unhappy. Regardless of where you are in life or how much you have saved for retirement, comparison could be the death of joy. Listen to this week’s episode to hear my thoughts on how to stay on track without letting go of your joy.

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#36 7 Steps to Help Fight Through a Market Correction [Podcast]

You don't like to lose money. Nobody does. That's one reason it is so hard to stick to a long-term investment plan when we feel like we're getting punched in the face by the markets. In this episode, I discuss 7 steps to help you fight through a normal market correction.

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Stop Reading Stock Market Forecasts and Learn to Invest Wisely

When the stock market plunged in 2008, it scared a lot of people. Since then these same people have been looking around every corner for the next stock market drop. That's one reason stock market forecasts are so popular.  And it's usually the most extreme forecasts that get the most attention.

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