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#41 3 Habits to Help You Make Smart Money Choices [Podcast]

You'd think that with all the great information and tools available today that making smart money choices would be easy. The fact is, it's harder than ever before. We live in a world designed to get us to "buy now" or "avoid that." These messages are designed by savvy marketers to get us to take action when most of the time doing nothing is the best course to take.

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#37 Kary Oberbrunner Wants You to Ignite Your Soul [Podcast]

Too many of us live in a prison within our mind. We are trapped by our past choices, not realizing that today, right now, we can start a new journey.  If you feel stuck, you can create a new life. You can ignite your soul and live your own hero's journey.

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#33 5 Steps to a Healthier Life [Podcast]

Not living a healthier life can be costly as you age. USA Today recently reported that the top retirement concern for people over age 50 is healthcare costs. In fact growing older and being unhealthy can be financially disastrous. It just makes sense, to take a proactive approach to investing in your health.

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