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#94 - Simple Year End Tax Strategies That Could Pay for Christmas

In this episode I’ve got a ton of great things to share with you - everything from a super announcement about our second annual “Retirement Plan LIVE” event that will be going on, to a quick definition and discussion of capital gains and dividend distributions, Christmas planning and tax savings, a conversation with a great guest, Emily Birkin, and a smart sprint tip that involves time travel.

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#30 How to Invest in Your Marriage with Jackie Bledsoe [podcast]

In my 23 years of marriage, there were times my wife and I drifted apart. It's easy to do. Work, kids, hobbies, etc. just make life hectic at times. We eventually learned to be intentional about nurturing our marriage. Jackie Bledsoe has had the same experience. In this episode, we discuss how to best invest in your marriage.

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