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#172 - Building A Strong Foundation For Your Retirement Investments

Today we will look at why maintaining a strong investment foundation is so important as you enter retirement and what steps you can take to build it.

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#79 Want to Start a Business? Learn How to Fail Forward

Matt Miller has built a company that offers savvy retirement planners a legitimate way to add an additional stream of income to their current situation - either on the side or with hopes of it moving toward a full-time business. Matt’s story is inspiring… and you’ll hear it all on this episode of Retirement Answer Man.

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America's Economic Bright Spot

For years, the United States was known for being the world's largest energy-consuming nation, with imports from abroad making up for its inability to produce enough fuels for its appetite. Now, the U.S. is entering an energy renaissance, one that's leading to a marked shift in that position.

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