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#103 - How Will You Manage These Risks in Retirement?

Today we are smack in the middle of our “Retirement Plan Live” event and you’re going to get to hear another conversation I had with Linda (of Linda and James) about their retirement planning. My hope is that our conversations spur you to consider your retirement planning and can help you make some adjustments that set you up for a better future and a happier life. Listen in as we tackle the issue of risk management.

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How to Escape the Retirement Worry Trap

Everywhere we turn we hear about inflation, longevity, healthcare costs, market risks and other retirement boogie men. The fact is you'll never be able to do enough to secure a risk-free retirement. Even billionaires aren't safe (seriously, Google it).  So, we need to chill out a bit. Your retirement years aren't supposed to be full of stress. It's a time when we can work and play on our own terms after having completed a career of work and raising kids. Instead, for many, it's become the most stressful time of their lives.

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#51 Listener Questions From the Can Carl Retire? Webinar

WOW, your response to the Can Carl Retire? series in January and last Friday's results webinar were off the charts. I received so many kind comments and sharp questions from you. In today's episode, I'll answer a portion of your questions and will get to more next week. Please keep them coming.

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