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#125 - 5 Things You Should Do in a Post-BREXIT World for Your Retirement

On this episode we’re going to tackle the volatility in the markets as a result of the news that Great Britain has voted to leave the European Union. There are many things to consider having to do with lifestyle, investing, and retirement planning that you need to think through, and I’m going to help you do that on this episode of The Retirement Answer Man podcast.

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#102 - Want to Retire? Stop Watching the Markets, Watch This

You’ve jumped right into the middle of my “Retirement Plan Live” series, where I’m helping a real life couple, James and Linda, do their very own retirement plan on the podcast for everyone to hear. You’ll hear lots of interesting things to consider as well as find out how you can play along and receive your own downloads to do your own retirement planning right alongside us. Find out more on this episode.

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