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#81 How to Find a Good Charity in Your Community

Today’s episode of The Retirement Answer Man debuts a brand new format that will help you make even more of your retirement and financial planning. From here on out all episodes of RAM will be consist of 3 segments - The Hot Topic, where Roger addresses current issues on the financial horizon - The Practical Planning segment, where Roger gives you practical, actionable tips to help you get your retirement planning headed in the direction you desire - and the Listener Question, where Roger answers YOUR questions about retirement related issues. Listen in to get a feel for the new format and to hear how Roger can help you get your retirement planning well in hand before it’s too late.

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#50 Will You Leave a Mess When You Die? Step 4 Organizing Your Estate

One of the most heartbreaking things I've seen over 24 years advising families is a surviving spouse or family member dealing with an unorganized estate. Not having your affairs in order puts a huge burden on your family and compounds the stress of their loss.

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How Do You Navigate the Puzzle of Your Financial Life?

Most of us make decisions based on each opportunity or need as it presents itself. To make smart financial decisions, you need a clear understanding of the “opportunity cost” of other possible choices.

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