Bill and Sally Want to Retire: A New Case Study Starting March 4th

Based on your feedback from January's Can Carl Retire series, I've created a case study for us to work through in the month of March.

Meet Bill and Sally:
  • Bill is 58 years old. Sally is 59.
  • They've been married for 13 years (their 2nd marriage).
  • Both work outside the home.
  • Each has an adult child from a previous marriage.
  • Neither has a pension.
  • Both started saving later in life (early 40's).
  • Bill is very worried about the markets and world economy.

This time, YOU get to help me create a plan that works for them.

At the end of each step on the podcast, I'll identify a key issue Bill and Sally must address and ask you:
  • What are possible solutions to it?
  • How have you addressed a similar issue?
  • What might we be missing?
If you sign up to plan along, you can respond directly to my weekly e-mail and I'll review your suggestions on each week's show.
Together we can help Bill and Sally find answers to their most pressing retirement questions:
  • When can we retire?
  • What lifestyle can we expect?
  • Will we run out of money?
  • What are we missing?
Just like last time, you can plan alongside Bill and Sally.

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Here's the schedule:

  • March 4th - Defining Bill and Sally's ideal retirement
  • March 11th - Identifying and organizing their financial resources
  • March 18th -  Is their ideal retirement possible?
  • March 26th - LIVE webinar incorporating your ideas for a negotiated plan
During the webinar, you'll watch live and ask questions as I work through a plan that best fits what Bill and Sally care about most.