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Our listeners (and readers and viewers) are one of the best things about what we do on the Retirement Answer Man show and RogerThat! YouTube channel. Thoughtful listener questions help everyone on their journey to retirement.

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My Promise

My team and I review every single question we get, and we promise to consider each one as a possibility for use in the blog, podcast, or YouTube channel. Since our show is based around monthly themes, we may not get to your question right away. There's always a lot of ground to cover in retirement planning, and we appreciate your patience and understanding!

What You Give

You give us the right to possibly use your first name and retirement question on the blog, podcast, and Youtube channel (written or audio). We will make best efforts to remove any personal information you might share.

What You’ll Get

You'll get the clearest answer we can give to your retirement question—and an email to let you know when to listen if we use your question on the show. As a thank you for contributing to our Retirement Answer Man community, you will also be automatically subscribed to my Retirement Answer Man 6-Shot Saturday email list, which features the answers to many other life and retirement questions.

What You Won’t Get

You won’t get specific or personal retirement advice, so please do not provide information that may be sensitive. I also do not provide specific recommendations on retirement products or investments—so please don’t ask for them. Why not? Because it is impossible—and irresponsible—to do so without knowing you and your situation. (Note: Please never take retirement advice from people who don’t know you and your situation.) If you want the legal reasons, click here.

On behalf of everyone in the Retirement Answer Man community, thank you for helping us bridge the gap between a great life and a great retirement.

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